Imbued with the essence of effortless elegance & simplicity

Jill Heller meticulously curates her store’s seasonal collection drawing from a diverse group of American and global fashion designers.

The result is a wardrobe designed for the art of everyday living, capturing a woman’s desire to dress in modern yet timeless clothing and accessories. 


Founded in 2010 by creative director Jill Heller, purethread brings a fresh balance of both the traditional side of fashion and the renewed ethics around protecting our world. As a result, our collections reflect a rare, polished edit of the marketplace.

Jill's creative energy, bright spirit and love of everyday luxury, mixed with her unique eye for what works for her clients renders her a notable and engaging stylist. 

Jill has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, In Style, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, Westchester Magazine, Bedford Record Review, A Green Beauty, Organic Spa Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, and The Purist. Jill lives in Sag Harbor, New York, where her fashion and wellness careers have fused into a holistic offering.



Born with a discerning eye, Jill Heller’s fashion journey began within a family legacy of manufacturing. Her grandfather, a knitwear manufacturer, and her father, an early pioneer in global manufacturing laid the foundation. And by 26, Jill opened her first store on Columbus Avenue in NYC during the chic bohemian era of the 1980s.

The success led to her opening a second luxury-focused store in Westchester County. Today, purethread emerges as the culmination of Jill’s entire fashion history. A labor of love, she believes it to be her best work yet - a testament to her enduring passion and commitment to creating a unique and timeless fashion experience.

At the heart of our brand is Jill herself, the driving force behind the brand's distinctive style. Jill shares her signature sense of ease, inviting our community to embrace what it truly means to feel absolutely comfortable in your clothes.  

Jill meticulously considers every moment, ensuring the merchandise reflects options suitable for each situation in a client’s life. From morning to night, the collection is thoughtfully crafted to provide choices that seamlessly fit into diverse scenarios, offering both style and versatility.


“Our purpose goes beyond fashion. We aim to forge an emotional
connection with you in every aspect of your life - from the pages you read to the meals you savor, the emotions you feel, to the styles you wear. Our commitment is to inspire women, cultivating a sense of inspiration that permeates every corner of your daily experience.”

-Jill Heller


Personalized Style Sessions
Indulge in personalized style sessions tailored to your unique taste and preferences. Our focus is on curating a wardrobe that complements your needs and lifestyle.

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Schedule your visit to our store to immerse yourself in a world where each piece is chosen with you in mind. For personal styling advice, the store team offers in-store styling appointments. 

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View our selection from the comfort of your home by booking a Virtual Appointment with one of our team. Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive a follow-up email requesting information on what particular areas of our collection you are interested in and, what method you would prefer (Zoom, or FaceTime). Appointments will last up to an hour.

We look forward to meeting you.