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Supporting Sustainable Fashion

Fifteen years ago, the concept of sustainability in fashion was just beginning to take root within industry circles. In 2010, purethread was born out of a deep-seated conviction. We recognized the imperative to shift the focus towards environmental and human concerns, countering the prevailing emphasis on trends and profit margins. At purethread, environmental, ethical, and social responsibility is not an afterthought but an integral part of our ethos.

Better Businesses

We choose brands that align with our deep-rooted sustainability principles. We build each curated collection around the artistry of exquisite fabrics and handcrafted tailoring, bringing together the skills of artisans from around the world. Our brand partners form a diverse network of designers from New York to Nepal and everywhere in between. This global collaboration enriches our collections, blending styles and influences from various corners of the world, creating a truly interconnected tapestry of fashion.

Reducing Waste

We choose brands that are committed to reducing the environmental footprint by using sustainably sourced materials, recycling, up-cycling, or implementing sustainable production practices. We highlight any certification standards such as organic, Fair Trade or recycled material certifications.

Fair Labor

We choose brands that ensure fair labor practices, fair wages, safe working conditions and respect workers rights through the supply chain.

Timeless Design

We choose only those selections that radiate a timelessness in their shape, a contemporary freshness in their design. The magic of the purethread experience is in the way we merchandise the collection, and the way we style it. No one else, anywhere, will assemble these same pieces together, nor render their meaning and substance to you in such a personal way.

Our clients lead busy lives and they tend to gravitate towards luxurious fabrics. Garments made of natural, organic fibers are a key sustainable principle for us when we do our seasonal buying. Longevity of a garment is a principle we wholeheartedly embrace. It's the quality versus quantity mentality that people sometimes forget is a very important part of sustainability. Our advice: Build your wardrobe with timeless pieces that are going to last.

-Jill Heller