On A Personal Note

I am so happy to relate the extraordinary changes that have been happening with me and in my life. As many of you know, in April I moved to Sag Harbor, NY, a quaint and magical little town. This shift for me is a deep and personal choice. When I saw the house, it was love at first sight; it gives me a happy and hopeful feeling. I have always been excited to move to a new space, and now to have space, light, air, calm, a change of scenery and of pace, will give me new energy, a peaceful and artistic elation that I hope to share with all of you.

I have reinvented my fashion space, too, moving in my mirrors and rolling racks, re-creating a comfortable and welcoming environment where friends can share the excitement of Fall as we always have. In September I am happy to say that our Fall showcases will go on as usual: here in Sag Harbor, and in Westchester with Wendi and Tracey at the helm. We'll be in full swing with new designs to add the perfect touch of cozy for the cooler months, the essence of everyday luxury. We'll feature unexpected designs, textures, and materials, by new designers with original visions, that I'm confident you will treasure and love.